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Shed your clothing and discover your divine energy, self-acceptance, empathy, love, and compassion.

About Kabir

I founded Tantric Yoga for Men in Rancho Mirage, California to welcome and guide the mosaic of men interested in discovering and sharing their Tantric energy and vitality with each other.

My studio provides a safe, nurturing heaven for men to lose their inhibitions and enjoy gentle yoga and meditation without the restriction of clothing.

My vision is to see all of us resonate with each other and live in a world where stress and anxiety do not eclipse our Tantric energy — the highest form of energy available to us.

What a life-changing experience! Ten years ago I attended my first yoga class with Dr. Casellas. He uses his medical knowledge and compassionate voice to create a trance and total mindfulness of the NOW. Today I am better able to manage the stress from my teaching and psychotherapy practice. I seldom have headaches and my back is better than it has been, thanks to the yogis of the world reincarnated in Dr. Jaime.

Gary Lange, Ph.D.

Jaime, is a treasure and a gift. His classes are unlike any other yoga class I had ever experienced. The classes are held in an environment suffused with music, soft candle light, his poetry, and the soothing sound of a rippling fountain. But, what makes the classes special is his soothing voice and knowledge of the philosophy of yoga. Also, the life coaching session I had with him has changed my outlook on life. Now I can enjoy life more fully.

Karel Goldstein

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